Hamletmachine (2014)

Norwegian Theatre Academy

Hamlemachine is like a rock that can be placed in any landscape or place of mind. Heiner Müller wrote it in 1977 while translating Shakespeare into German and calls it ‘the shrunken head of Hamlet’. It reflects on east European history, the role of the intellectual in a torn society, revolution, personal traumata….

Text by Heiner Müller
Directed by: Ann Kristin Rommen
Scenography: Freya Sif Hestnes
Light: Loriana Casagrande
Costumes: Johanna Dahlbäck
Sound: Mwansa Mulenga
Video design: Elizabet Damyanova
Production and stage manager: Mari Lassen-Bergsten Kamsvaag
Performed by: Tobias Shaw, Marina Popović, Victoria Fredrikke Schou Røising, Nikoline Spjelkavik, Desiree Bøgh Vaksdal, Katrine Leth, Viola Tømte