Freya Sif Hestnes

Live visuals
Visuals using live camera feed, objects, materials, light and elements of shadow puppetry

Music video in collaboration with My Lambertsen (2017)

Arterritory (EE) 2015

RÚV (Icelandic National TV) 2017 @5:22

Workshops / Masterclasses:

Hyper Island Stockholm 2018

Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm 2019

Method developed in collaboration with My Lambertsen / Manuals, 2012-2018

Jeppe Højgaard, Skrig hvis du har lunger (tour) 2017-2018
Photos: Mathias W. Kjeldsen, Veronica Merlin

IDK IDA, Sónar Festival Reykjavik (IS) 2018
Photos: Timothée Lambrecq

Arches, Koncertkirken (DK) 2018

Visuals using live video feedback in collaboration with Paw Høvsgaard
photos from Rune Majeure and SYNC Sessions by Thora Lorentzen