Lost Item Service (2014)
Performance for one participant/audience member

A big thanks to Fredrik Rasten, Adrian Åsling Sellius, Anton Jonsson, Mathilda Andersson and other contributing musicians

In Lost Item Service, an audience member is invited to a small session to find peace over an object they have lost. Present in the space is only the audience member, the facilitator and a musician. Together we perform a ritual where the story of the object is exchanged by a musical improvisation: a requiem or last respect for the object.

Lost Item Service is created by head of Affexurance Freya S. Hestnes. Affexurance is an insurance company that deals exclusively with insurance of sentimental value. Learn more about what that means here: www.affexurance.dk

Hagenfesten 2014, Dala-Floda (SE)
Sirenfestivalen 2017, Gothenburg (SE)
Ljud och Genus Festival 2017, Atalante, Gothenburg (SE)
Diskursfestival 2017, Gießen (DE)

Developed for and supported by Hagenfesten / Hagen Extensions Recidency