Memorial for 800 (2014)
Memorial / performance

By Camilla Hägebarth, Mareike Nele Dobewall and Freya Sif Hestnes

Håøya, NTA, Oslo fjord (NO)

During the German invasion of Norway on the 9th of april 1940, a ship with 800 German soldiers was shot down by the Norwegian land forces. In memory of these young German soldiers who died that day, we collected 800 sticks around Håøya, all individual in their appearance. We painted them white and gave each of them a number, in order to give a potential fnder a possibility to connect. The frame was set clearly: At the time the Kiel-Oslo ferry would pass above the wrack of the “Blücher”, we set the 800 sticks free into the water. How the memorial would evolve from this point on, was kept open.

Tutors: Kjartan Fønstelien, Serge von Arx, NTA