Memory Machine (2019)
Live visuals

Teater Momentum

With the audience as witnesses, a cinematic universe is created through live recordings on stage. Memories are manipulated through visual and auditory feedback. We reach out for the memory, but details disappear, dissolve, distort. Høvsgaard & Hestnes and Bright Young Future give birth to a crossbreed between film, performing arts, live visuals and concert.

Høvsgaard & Hestnes has since 2016 worked with live visuals for concerts based on analog video feedback. The avant-garde pop duo Bright Young Future consists of guitarist Rune Risager (Rune Majeure, Den Fjerde Væg) and drummer Jacob Abildgaard (Black Horse, Mom & Bear). Together they create a massive and absurd sound universe that is both melodic and noisy.

Created by: Høvsgaard & Hestnes og Bright Young Future
Analog visuals: Paw Høvsgaard & Freya Sif Hestnes
Music: Rune Risager & Jacob Abildgaard
Performance: Katrine Leth

Performed at Teater Momentum, May 2019. Memory Machine is supported by Koda-Dramatik and Odense Kommune – Odense Musikudvalg