Freya Sif Hestnes
Mit Arbejde (2020)
Mitt Arbete
Scenography and costume design

Husets Teater (DK) and Folkteatern (SE)

Near the end, when a large wooden crucifix with a placenta in the center is brought onto the stage, it is only a matter of capitulating. As usual, art is above all morality. GÖTEBORGS-POSTEN

Freya Sif Hestnes’ stage is a symbolic picture party and a carefully selected installation of objects from various times that would deserve its very own text  DAGENS NYHETER

An intense drama, diluted by well-timed humour and condensed by a meaty scenography AFTONBLADET
★★★★★ ISCENE
Based on ‘Mit Arbejde’ by Olga Ravn
Directed by: Liv Helm, Scenography assistant: Astrid Sønderskov Andersen (Norwegian Theatre Academy), Dramaturge: Sanna Albjørk (DK), Text adaptation: Sanna Albjørk and Liv Helm, Performed by Christine Sønderris, Marie-Lydie Melono Nokouda (DK) and Nina Haber, Anna Lundström (SE)
Sound design and komposer: Nanna Karina Schleimann, Light design: Christian Vest Berntsen, Video trailer: Lina Ikse

Husets Teater (DK) - photos by Zuhal Kocan, Freya Sif Hestnes:

Folkteatern (SE) - Photos by Freya Sif Hestnes:

Photo by Lina Ikse: