There is a Noise (2016)
Created and performed with Marina Popović 

By Hestnes / Popović

Norwegian Theatre Academy

From the diary of a 16 year-old in 1945, to a child’s escape from war in Sarajevo, to Scandinavia today. There is a Noise brings to surface the research of how a personal story can find its place in public and the necessity of investigating the personal in our common history. The audience is invited to sit around a table while stories unfold around them in the midst of frying waffle ooze. There is a Noise is an invitation to a memory, an exploration of the landscape between what we know to be true, what we’ve heard and what we can barely remember.

Created and performed by: Marina Popović and Freya Sif Hestnes
Sound design by: Marianna Sangita Røe
Tutors: Dan Safer, Karmenlara Ely, Sxip Shirey
Sound technicians on tour: Daniel Fogh / Marianna Sangita Røe
Photos by Arne Hauge, Hazel Barstow
Teaser by Marianna Sangita Røe and Freya Sif Hestnes

Previously performed at:

Rosendal Teater/Bastard Festival, Trondheim (NO)
Gostner Hoftheater/Licht.Blicke, Nürnberg (DE)
Take Off Festival, Darlington (UK)
Festival Theater Der Dinge, Schaubude / FELD Theater, Berlin (DE)
Touring in schools in Norway age group 16+

Det Frie Felts Festival, The Royal Danish Theatre (DK)
Teater Momentum, Odense (DK)
Kopergietery, Gent (BE)
Schöne Aussicht Festival, Stuttgart (DE)
Freiburg Festival, Freiburg (DE)
Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, Folkteatern, Gothenburg (SE)
India tour including venues and schools in Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. Organized by touring organization ThinkArts (IN)

Vårscenefest, Tromsø (NO)
SAND Festival, Kristiansand (NO)

The House and the Lights Festival, Norwegian Theatre Academy (NO) (premiere)
Showbox Festival, Sentralen (NO)
A New Order, Galleri A-Venue(SE)

Supported by: Fritt Ord, Norwegian Theatre Academy
Touring is supported by: The Norwegian Arts Council, The Danish Arts Council, Performing Arts Hub Norway, ThinkArts India, Norwegian Embassy in Delhi and Copenhagen

There is a Noise is part of the repetoire of Scenekunstbruket (the Norwegian Touring Network for Performing Arts):

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